Meet with Calssara

Can you tell me what are your current anime and video game trends that inspire you to cosplay and why?

I am a big “seasonal anime watcher”. I watch some of the new shows every anime season that comes out in Japan. It is our evening ritual of me and my fiancée to sit down on the sofa and watch the latest episodes after a long day of work together. Every season we have some shows that we can enjoy. Some we enjoy for having great quality, and others we can enjoy for being silly and crappy, but entertaining.

Right now we really enjoy the latest season of Demon Slayer <3!

Pictures : Anshie

For video games, I am a huge Fire Emblem fan. I love the whole franchise and I can easily go back playing the old games again and again, meanwhile we FE fans wait for the next game. Beside that I enjoy Nintendo games in general a lot. There is something really calming about playing a new Pokemon or Zelda game.

If I have characters I can enjoy, I will probably enjoy the whole game.

Pictures : Steeve Li Photography

What type of character do you prefer to do in general? 

When I was younger, I often went for “the same type of character” and my friends got really confused when I suddenly picked a totally different type. But actually, it is a lot of fun to change character types. I can enjoy being that elegant, mature lady as much as I can have fun being a silly, dorky goofball.
My characters can have super deep character development and epic lore that make me enjoy them. And then again, my character can also have 2min screen time in a show saying 2 sentences and I fall in love with them.

It can be hard to pre-determine what will look good on you. I had characters I made and I was so sure this will suit me and then…I felt very underwhelmed by myself in the cosplay.

Meanwhile other characters I did not even feel like cosplaying them, and then I had an amazing time with them.

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