Interview with Angelica Elfic

For more than 13 years in the realization of design on its Costume & Accessories and 4 years now in the world of Cosplay. Today we discover the work of the Portuguese, Angélica Elfic through her photos or costumes that take us into fantastic and medieval universes, “World of Warcraft” and “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS”.

Photo: Eleán’Art

When did you start cosplay and how did you hear about it?

I have been for a few years very talented Cosplayers, like Kamui Cosplay, and I can say that it is she who made me want to Cosplayer. I started doing Daenerys from Game of Thrones, because I liked her aesthetic. The idea of Cosplay has always made me smile. Having the chance to hang out with friends who also like to dress up as characters from games and series is the most beautiful feeling.

What is your favorite universe? And how do you make your costumes?

I love Cosplayer Blizzard characters, especially Warcraft characters. Their designs are super complex and I love the armor and the fantastic characters. I first create all the models of the costume on paper, then I get all the materials I need.

I try to start by creating one of the most difficult pieces of the costume, so that if I do well, I know that I will be able to build the whole costume. It also makes me want to build the next pieces of this character.

What materials do you use the most? And this subject was the most difficult for you?

As materials, I like to use EVA foam, leather and fabrics in general.

The most difficult pieces were undoubtedly the body and headdress of Master Lunara’s Centaur. They had to be able to disassemble completely, to be able to fit in a suitcase. And since both objects are huge, it was a real challenge.

Have you ever worked abroad? Can you explain your experience with representing the ECG last year?

As a Cosplayer no, but I represented Portugal in the ECG competition, at Japan Expo in France.

What is your future project?

I’m creating other Warcraft characters like Valeera Sanguinar. I hope this year to be able to finish more than 2 more Cosplays, which unfortunately I can’t reveal 😊 yet.

It was an overwhelming experience from start to finish! For the Portuguese selections, I presented my Cosplay “Sylvanas Windrunner“, but I decided to create a new costume for the final in France, Master Lunara.

So I only had 7 weeks to create the most complex costume I’ve ever done. It was an ongoing challenge, with many sleepless nights. It was all worth it, because I’ve never been so proud of a Cosplay like this. Meeting so many great cosplayers from other countries was a real blast! All awesome with so many skills! It is an unforgettable experience that I invite all cosplayers to live.

Are there more shoots outside or in convention? What are the ingredients of a good collaboration between a photographer and a cosplayer? What is your favorite photo?

I do more photoshoots outside of conventions. As there are always a lot of people in the conventions, most of the time there is no time or pleasant place to do a good shoot. So I like to photograph my costumes in a more controlled environment, so that all the details of the costume are captured by the camera.

Both must want to create the most beautiful images and be synchronized for it. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, in order to make the most beautiful photos. Trust is another fundamental thing, as well as commitment.

I love my photos of Rengar from League of Legends. They are fierce and make me proud of this costume. The photographer, Eleán’Art, did an incredible job on these photos.

Is there a photographer you’d like to collaborate with?

A lot!!!!! Like some Spaniards, like Rebeca Saray, and Peck Gonzalez.

Can you talk about the evolution of cosplay from your perspective today? With your personal experiences, can you tell us about the interactions with cosplayers in Portugal?

From my point of view, Cosplay started just with the idea of dressing up as your favorite character and having fun with your friends. If the costume wasn’t accurate, it wasn’t important.

Today, Cosplayers want to show off their best skills, and create intricate costumes, which often make others wonder if that person is the real actor or someone disguised as the actor.

In recent years, cosplayers have become more and more perfectionists and work as hard as possible to create the most beautiful costumes. It has become an activity that many of us are living in, and I am very happy to be a part of it.

The reaction I get from other Cosplayers in conventions is great! I love explaining how I made some parts of my costumes, and exchanging knowledge with other Cosplay lovers…

Can you give some tips to beginners?

Never give up in front of the obstacles that stand in front of us when we create a Cosplay. Create Cosplays you love, and not just because they’re trendy.

When we create things with passion, we take the time to be perfectionists, and the results are impeccable, because we do not rush everything.

Don’t be too yourself, over time you will get better and better results. And last but not least, have fun, because this is the most important thing in Cosplay 😊.


Photo credits:

1 -2 – 4 – 5 – 6 : Eleán’Art –
3 : Antony Gomes Photographer –

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