Cosplay MAG is proud to announce the renewal of the partnership with ECG / JAPAN EXPO.

For this occasion, 4 invitations for the JAPAN EXPO show were put into play through our various social networks. To participate, here are the following conditions: Players should like the following pages of the different social media platforms: TIK TOK, INSTAGRAM, and COSPLAY MAG website followed by the ECG’s INSTAGRAM page. They will have to answer for social networks, post a comment on the post concerned from the publication of the announcement of the partnership with the ECG and share the post in question in story. For the website, they will have to answer a form in order to be able to contact the winners directly by email in order to receive their prize. The competition is open to people residing in Europe.

Registration is open until Friday, July 8, 2022 inclusive. The winners will be contacted at the end of the draw, either by email* or by phone, provided that the latter has been filled in the registration form. 

Participation in the contest is limited to one (1) entry per player (same surname, same first name, same postal address) from one (1) single email address. In the event that a player makes several entries, only the entry that first reached COSPLAY MAG will be taken into account. All the information in the rules of this contest is available here. 

So, try your luck to win 1 invitation for JAPAN EXPO filling out the form located at the bottom of the Page ⬇️

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