The France becomes the winner of the competition at WCS 2022!

“It hadn’t happened since 2007 ,” Sikay Cosplay said live on his Twitch channel. The France managed to finish first on the podium of the International competition, the World Cosplay Summit in Japan, great news for the country that had not seen this chance for a long time!

After two years of waiting, following the health situation of the coronavirus which will close its borders. The competition was able to tarnish again and allowed the participants (for some) to be able to present themselves on the main stage of the competition which takes place in the prefecture of NAGOYA.

As a reminder, the World Cosplay Summit is an event that takes place every year in the prefecture of the city since 2003.

Finalists Hazariel Costumes and Beryl, French representatives selected at JAPAN EXPO SUD 2020, are the winners of this year’s competition by paying tribute to the Sailor Moon series, one of their favorite series.

Presentation of French cosplayers

Presentation of the costume making of the France team


Performance of the contest of the FRANCE team at the WCS (with the sound of the public)

The result of the Stage Division podium

The competition is not over since the participants from the countries present and other countries (not present for the competition for the “Stage division” for various reasons preventing their coming) will still be able to win prizes on several various categories of artistic performance in video. All the presentations of the finalists and making-of costume creations are available here on the Official Youtube channel of the World Cosplay Summit.

Thanks again to DAVID ZAVAGLIA, our journalist reporter from JAPAN for the photos and videos! You can find DAVID on GAME ONE / J-ONE in various shows and reports of the channel and also live on the TWITCH channel: TOKYO EXCLUSIVE !


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