Instructions for use – How to prepare to go to a convention?

Conventions are more and more often regular, so we wanted to update this file. Cosplay Mag will help you and facilitate in your tasks to help you facilitate your travels and your preparation for your coming to a convention.Always taking the example of one of the largest conventions of France, that of JAPAN EXPO.We will of course do this on a case-by-case basis.

Would you like to know all the events near you or elsewhere?Feel free to go to the Calendar tab.You will be able to use our application to facilitate and record all the information of an event from your calendar directly.

Make your preparations two – three months in advance so that you have clear ideas and do not go to a convention stressed (hotels, etc.).Bad management is a bad convention.

Start of preparation (1 to 5 months before the convention): When you want to plan or make an event, we often do not know where to start.The 4 important points to see above all: the Budget, transport, accommodation and then the tickets of the convention.

Convention ticket: Conventions tend to remind us of this, but remember to buy your tickets in advance.As with transport tickets, the closer you get to an event, the more tickets tend to increase.So plan to buy your tickets, 1 year in advance.(IMPORTANT NOTE: Since November 2021, when events returned after the CO-VID 19 pandemic, tickets are no longer sold on site during the event.So plan to buy your tickets on the Internet or on sale at the big box office.Tickets can be out of stock fairly quickly, due to a limit of people in a lounge.)

Plan a budget

In general, outside of the event, you have to plan for the financial cost of everything around, and sometimes you often forget the price.The sooner you organize yourself, the better you spread the costs.In this budget, we must provide for transportation, accommodation, convention purchases, food and more.

For transport: In general, the best price of a transport to travel for not too expensive if you are not transported, remains the carpooling (BLABLACAR), the bus (FLIXBUS or OUIBUS), or by train with the OUIGO service.Discounts are often available, do not hesitate to stay on the lookout for this side.

Plan the transport route by METRO – BUS or RER starting from the indications of the event site.In addition to two applications, better organize your trip, the best in this situation are Citymapper (The best in its field in the world) and the SNCF assistant.

They will be able to give you the exact amount needed to prepare your trips.To avoid all unpleasant surprises on site, if you come from a region, plan to download the application of the transport agency of the region.

Why and how?In the case of the Île de France region, you no longer have to queue and wait to buy a ticket, you can now take transport tickets in advance with a discovered navigo card or from your phone, without going through a ticket office.Goodbye to the hellish wait and the waste of time in the counters.Favor the week rather than the day and zones 1 to 5 so as not to have unpleasant surprises if you have to go to Japan Expo for example.For this budget, plan a transport budget of 20 € to 40 €.

If you come by car, the parking lot of the exhibition center is available, but you will have to put the price to park there: 20 euros for the day.It is also very large so you will have to walk to the convention.Shuttles are set up, but schedules vary and it is often crowded.It is possible to park in the morning outside the station, but be careful of the risks you may take.

For accommodation, if you have the possibility, do not hesitate to ask your friends for accommodation.If this is not the case, a major point, we strongly recommend you to go through an AIRBNB in France island or if you see if you want to save a little, hotels can be overpriced.If you want to take a hotel, plan to take it in advance, look at the reviews on Google in normal times and see the comparative prices on or Hô We still recommend IBIS Budget, B&B Hotel or a Formula 1 to still provide economic comfort if you still want to be sure to be able to pass a good convention and be reassured by the organization.

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